The waves come crashing in violently
The sky is foggy
The wind gusts through the trees
The sun is nowhere to be found
Not a slither of light through the evening sky
Then there was you
Everything came to an abrupt stop
My world started to change
I found a place of happiness when I met you
All the negativity washed away with the tide
All of the guilt blew away with the wind
And the love I had for you outshined my hate towards myself
I wish you could’ve just left me alone
It’s only a matter of time before we drift apart
How will I be able to handle that?
I will be left even more damaged than I was before
You’re starting to change
Everything’s starting to change
Smiles are getting harder to find
Frowns are easier to keep
The ground is starting to shake beneath my feet
I can feel it
Soon everything will be back to normal